A Classy way to get PAID from your Blog or Online Influence!

Do you have followers online?

I am a blogger and consider myself an online influencer...but how can I make money with all of my Facebook Friends?


If I could, I would love to sit behind my laptop or with my iPad in my lap all day long scouring the internet to and fro and having wonderful conversations with other people with the same interests and sharing my Kardashian snobbery. However, I know that I will not make ANY money that way (trust me, I tried) but I didn't want to be a douche bag about how I make money online, either.

I want to have an honest product and I want to serve my friends and readers, while still giving them the same quality content-you know a little gossip, a little lifestyle and a lot of red lipstick. This is what bloggers think about, we also think about how to pay our bills...and drink good coffee(and wine).

What is Affiliate Marketing Anyway?

Affiliate marketing is simply being able to sell a companies product like makeup or books. Most affiliates sell several different companies products. I was turned onto an affiliate program called Luvocracy at a bloggers conference!

You might be asking yourself:

Does this cost money - NO! Does this make money - YES! Is this easy? - VERY Will my readers be offended? - NOPE ...it's actually a benefit to them-really.

And then the most important question:

Will people actually buy from my site (YEP) or will I look like a peddler or an online douche bag?


I was working on a Scandal post when I placed a simple link on my blog of Olivia Pope Wine Glasses. Here is what it looked like:

Then I got an email from Luvocracy the next day:


Huh...and then I got another one!! And I realized that this was a great opportunity to share products that I recommend ALL of the time to my readers!...and make a few (or a lot) of coins!

Luvocracy Classy Black Girl

I love using this program because it's like creating a shoppable pinterest!

According to Mashable...

Here's how the site works: Similar to pinning on Pinterest, users can collect looks and products (from beauty products to tech gadgets) and tack them to boards. They can also repin products from friends, brands and tastemakers, which Luvocracy defines as bloggers, editors and stylists.

Meanwhile, when members comes across items on the web from any retailer — from Macy's to Etsy — that they want to post to a board, they can do so via the downloadable Luvocracy plug-in.

"We wanted to build a platform where you could see products recommended from everyone you trust in one place, so you can sift through it like a personalized catalog," Christine Martinez, creative director of Luvocracy, told Mashable. "You can showcase what you discover too or put it in your 'backroom,' which is only visible to you."

And you don't have to be a part of a million affiliate programs either... with Luvocracy you can pick up ANY product from all of the internet...and they have an app!

Can I Make Money Without a Blog?

Yep, if you Luv(or share) a product or two on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest(especially pinterest)...you can make money when people buy those products. How many times have you purchased a product that that you just saw online???...me lots. It just depends on time and opportunity!

Its super simple just go to my profile and sign up from there. CLICK HERE!

What is Tastemaker Status

Tastemaker Status is a private program that Luvocracy offers that allows you to make more money based on your audience. If you sign up through me I can send a messsage to Luvocracy and request that they give you Tastemaker Status.

Email me at Luv@ClassyBlackGirl.com to say that you want to be a Tastemaker!

So provide your readers and online peeps with a real resource to cop the products that you are always talking about. It's the classiest way to get paid from your Blog or Online Influence.

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Facebook | Pinterest