Classy or Trashy: K.Michelle

Is K.Michelle's New Look Classy or Trashy?


Most of the time I like what K.Michelle says as the unfiltered mouth on Vh1's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but admittedly I don't always like her look. Let's weigh in on her latest beauty looks and entertainment news with K.Michelle!

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K.Michelle has recently been rocking the Ronald McDonald Red hair...*big-sigh*


I don't like this look n her(or anybody else), its positively TOO RED. K.Michelle is a good looking girl, but that hair is simply too much. I get that Blonde is BeyoncΓ©-ish and Black is just kinda boring, but maybe a number 4. All that I know is that I do NOT like how red her hair is. It reeks of a Black Strawberry Shortcake. So my honest personal vote on her look is that its Trashy.

K. Michelle V.S.O.P.-2013-1200x1200


The Look that I am digging on K.Michelle is her NEW sense of independence as she defines herself as more than a reality show ratchet. K.Michelle is staking out on her own with her new song VSOP for her new album "Rebellious Soul" which comes out on August 13th! K.Michelle also has her OWN New Reality show in the works as well!...Hey, she lives in Atlanta-its almost a requirement for stardom. And she has a new dude, basket baller Lance Stephenson.

I am excited to see where she goes and I hope that you enjoy her new song!

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery TheClassyBlackGirl