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So I may never get a deal with Guthy-Renker, but I felt like this needed to be said. Cindy Crawford looks like that because she takes care of herself. Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty

Do I need to repeat this? She does not look timeless because of a rare melon and its properties. Is a good skin care regimen required?...why YES! I am a beauty girl(okay certified beauty junkie) but I do realize that my skin is NOT going to look amazing (and niether am I) if I do not supply my body with adequate water, excercise and the right type of food. The other important parts of that equation include good rest and a good life.

Melon Cindy Crawford

I have ordered Meaningful Beauty (the product that Cyndi Crawford endorses) and have also been trapped by the 2 am infomercials, yes, they work. But no amount of skin cream is going to make an unkempt vessel look amazing.

I actually have a problem with the fact that celebrity women are promoting this product (and other products as well) as if regular women(who do not have glam squads) can look "just like this" if you buy this product.

The media and advertising firms have done a doozy on women for the sake of a dollar. But as I was getting ready to go workout (insert REALNESS here) and I glanced at my television and the side by side photograph of Cyndi Crawford looking the same at 28 as she does now I became almost infuriated. And they claim that NO photoshopping was done. Maybe no photoshopping was done, but she has been taking care of her "canvas" like a newborn child since she was about 15 years old.

Side by Side Cindy Crawford USE

If you look at her Mother and sister in the infomercials, yes I have seen them countless times-I told you that I have ordered them, they do not look like Cyndi Crawford. Their livelyhood did not depend on them adhereing to a westernized standard of beauty which includes looking outrageously young-even when you are not.

Cyndi Crawfords Mother Meaningful Beauty

I suppose that dose of reality will not sell a monthly subscription of Youth in a Jar. I just want the women that I LOVE to know that you dont HAVE to look like you did when you were 28 to be beautiful. Love who you are now and do your damndest to take care of your temple. Excercise, eat right, drink water, rest and REPEAT! put that in a Jar!

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