Business Etiquette: 10 Tips to Tweet with Class!

Do You Display Business Etiquette During Twitter Sessions?

Social networking has morphed into something that we did as young people hanging out on the interent to something that we seriously use for business.  Not only do people look at our personal brands via our conversation, they also look at who we are friends with and the quality of our tweets!  #Pressure right?

Business Etiquette on Twitter

Because my Twitter represents my personal and professional brand I struggle with being professional and remaining authentic.

Here are 10 Ways to Showcase Your Business Etiquette Acumen on Twitter!

1.  Be Present!...when you are with IRL people.  So that means do NOT tweet while you are in social settings.  You can tweet those people later.  However, because we DO use Twitter as a Social Media form of email, if its an urgent Tweet, politely excuse yourself and respond to the message.  Don't tweet in the middle of conversation.

2. Do Not Use Profanity on your Twitter.  Imagine that your next client could potentially see every tweet.

3. Do Not Judge the Person/Business by Their Followers!  Do not ignore a potential client or partnership because the person tweeting you does not have an army of followers behind them!  They may have 200 followers, but those 200 could be actual clients and people who are genuinely interested in them and maybe even YOU!

4. Keep your tweets authentic, but light.  While you may tweet about some things that are personal, make sure that you never tween about something uncomfortably personal.  Such as relationships issues or drug usage.

5. Do Not Tweet inappropriate pictures.  Need I say more?  No nudity, no racially charged get the point!  There is nothing worse than thinking that this picture might be about Business Etiquette when its really a picture of Coco on Tuesday.

Appropriate Business Etiquette while at a Professional Networking Event!

6. Respond to all of your DM's (Direct Messages).  Those should be personal messages sent privately to only YOU.  Respond to them, do not ignore them, you could be ignoring a great deal, client or partnership! Twitter Tip: While this is not a tip of business etiquette it IS just a personal thought.  Make sure that you do not have Typo's in Your Tweets!  It looks bad.

7. Be amiable.  Nobody likes an Internet Bully.  It can be easy to become offended online because its all text.  So be extra nice online.

8. Follow Back. When somebody follows you, follow them back.  And do NOT be one of those people who follow and then UNFOLLOW.  The only reason that I UNFOLLOW is because I do not like somebody's content or if they are INACTIVE for a few months at a time.

9. Have a Good Twitter Name!  This is a two-fold bonus for you.  People say each others twitter names!  People say, "ClassySharelle" all of the time.  If my name contained profanity or was difficult to spell or say, it would affect peoples ability to connect with my personal and professional brand.  And Social Networking is all about connecting.  Also the easier your name, the easier it is to tweet you often and CONNECT!

10. Dont Over Tweet.  This is a tough tight-rope to manage because the more that you tweet, the more that you will be Retweeted and the more your audience will grow.  However, if you tweet about topics that your audience is not interested in you will find yourself losing followers and having an unengaged audience.  So tweet about whats relevant.  Figure out what your audience wants to hear and go after the audience that you want to maket to!

Twitter Tip: Make sure that you are following other people who do what you do, those who are less and of course more experienced.  These are your colleagues and may tweet about something that would have missed you otherwise!

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P.S. Twitter is based on a very strong honor system.  And RT's (Re-Tweets) are like giving Twitter Cred!  And taking Cred for something that you didnt write is In Poor Taste and would absolutely display poor Business Etiquette!