Buick Can Send You To College! #ThatsABuick

This excellent content was sponsored by GM so that education may be a little more attainable!

College...some of the best days of my life!

I think about my college days fondly and wish often that I could go back.  

What I don't remember fondly were the hours that I spent in the EOP office 

or worse financial aid. When it came to assistance, my parents made too 

much for me to get much more than loans...and goodness knows that I did 

not want to do that. However, I still needed more money. Back in the 

90's...they didn't have the Buick Scholarship Award like they do now!  

The Buick Scholarship program is specifically designed for high school seniors and undergraduate students! It's the perfect scholarship program for any student that is interested in going into the automotive industry! 

Here are a few FAQ's for you or your college age friends and family to apply 

for this amazing financial opportunity to get your degree and get into the 

automotive industry:

1. The scholarship is worth 25,000 per year! 

Yep, Buick is awarding $100,000 in college tuition help to help you achieve your dreams.

2. The important dates that you need to know are the opening of the program NOW and the closing deadline is February 27th, 2015!

3. There are specific majors that the Buick Scholarship program is for; you 

can find them by clicking here.

4. Certain applicants will be given preferential treatment! 

First generation college students, female, minority, military veteran or 

dependent of a military veteran receive preferential treatment.

Read more here!

5. There are no paper applications, so you must apply online here! It's easy!

6. The scholarship funds go towards tuition, books, room and board and other educational fees.

7. The scholarship can be used at ANY accredited 4 year college in the US or Puerto Rico (excluding proprietary and online schools).

8. The scholarship is renewable, yep, keep that 3.0 or better GPA up AND 

remain in a required major and you will receive the funds for 4 years!

5 years if you are in a 5 year engineering program.

9. How does the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program get funded?

The funding comes from the GM Foundation, not the General Motors 

Company.  The GM foundation is a 501c(3) organization that is separate from 

GM! It definitely makes me want to buy a Buick!

10. 100 applicants will receive this scholarship.  

So a good candidate has a great opportunity! Click here to apply!

So what is stopping you from applying for the Buick Achievers Scholarship 


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