Bringing the Beef!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I'm all about good food and GOOD BEEF!  During the summertime when we are BBQ'ing everything from steak to beef ribs to the All-American hamburger BEEF is always tops on my menu. I also get a little slow cooker beef love going for those days when I do not have as much time to work on my dinner!...or if I just want a little something fabulous to accompany the traditional BBQ.

Yep, I have the slow cooker beef recipe below!

This past weekend BBQ was the word and while we rocked BBQ on the grill I made a beef and apple dish in the slow cooker!  It was easy as pie!  I grabbed one of my favorite cuts of beef, some apples and my favorite seasonings!  I threw it in the slow cooker the night before the BBQ and my beef dish was the hit of the party!  I used an inexpensive cut because I knew that it was going to get tender in the slow cooker!  

The awesome thing about beef is that if it is seasoned well and cooked right you do not have to spend a mint to get a delicious piece of meat!  I used this awesome beef seasoning 

This BBQ was all about the BRUHS!  They BBQ'ed for us and took care of all of the sides and extras as well.  Everybody at the cookout was a member of my beloved Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta or my fraternity brothers of Omega Psi Phi with a couple other folks sprinkled through!  One thing that we had in common was that we were going to get our eat on and it was going to be from that BBQue pit!...and most of us were going to be killing the beef!

What I dig about beef is that its hearty, its all American and its flavor always delivers!