Bringing a Married Man Home Does Not Make Him Yours! #BeingMaryJane

I mean with Being Mary Jane, sometimes I am feeling the show...other times I'm kinda on the MEH factor. RELATED >>> The Flip Side of Being the Side Chick!

I was hugely excited about the show to begin with the last couple episodes have left me like, huh? But this episode cut to the white meat like the original movie did. Let's unbox it!

First of all we have Miss Mary Jane who is just destined to be a slore her whole life. Now I am all for the spontaneous sex, but sex in the apartment that you are looking at. Thank goodness the real estate agent walked in when she DID! Hasn't she been caught with her pants down enough??...oh that was her married boyfriend.

Being Mary Jane Married Men

Back to the story.

The reason that Mary Jane Paul and her married boo are looking at lofts are because Mr. Married has told his wife that he wants a divorce and that he is moving out. Well D*mn. So of course Mary Jane gets all giddy and they go house hunting!

"Now you can sleep over at my house."

Well of course she couldn't sleep over before, your wife was there....oh and your kids too. *smh* So this genius is told that he will not be able to move into the loft of his dreams for at least a month. Of course Mary Jane offers her home. She cleans up, makes closet and drawer space for the man and she even puts away her signature inspirational post-its! He so kindly tells her to be herself, in her own home and she is sooooo happy she can put her things back.


Meanwhile back in reality a Jack and Jill event is happening that her parents are table sponsors for. It is important and Mary Jane would love to be able to show off her FIONE new man. She is so excited to ask him to accompany her, to meet her parents and polite society. However, his wife and her friends are part of that polite society.

"It's bad enough I'm divorcing her..."

Well don't do me any favors! Then Mr. Married goes on and on about how they can't be in public yet, "this isn't the time." All while in her house sitting on her bed. So he has to decline her invitation. She goes to the gala, all dressed up with her girlfriend...again.

A word to all of my girlfriends out there, just because you bring a man a home, even treat him like he is yours-does not mean that he actually is. I happen to think that the worst thing that could happen to Mary Jane would be to marry this man or be in any type of long term relationship with him. He is a mess...and he is going to eventually realize that he just likes the excitement of Mary Jane...when that month is over he is going to be excited to MOVE! He likes all of the perks of Being Mary Jane's man but wants none of the responsibility.

"I will be there next year, I promise." He says when she gets home.

My thoughts: Negro please.

Well isn't that special? Mary word-RUN!

What do you think of this new slightly more official relationship that Mary Jane is in now? Are they really getting tighter or is Mary Jane Paul still a tossup?

But wait...does it seem like Mary Jane might be preggers?

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery