Get Your Vitamins in with your Keurig and Ice Tea! #BrewOverIce

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.  I am also participating in a contest as an additional aspect of this campaign.  This is a #CollectiveBias Post featuring #BrewOverIce!

As you might know, I have a new Keurig machine...and I LOVE Low Calorie Drinks!
I call my machine Karrie Keurig, I name the gadgets that I build relationships with! I love Karrie, she blesses me everyday with highly flavored drinks that I love! I have been especially enjoying the Brew Over Ice products! Finding creative ways to get daily vitamins in is not that easy, but it can be delicious and quick!

When I was at Walmart picking up some of my regular K-Cups I came across Vitamin Bursts.  

Psst...Its about to be the season for Grads and Dad's!!...Both would love this as a gift!

Vitamin Burst are basically delicious, refreshing vitamin infused K-Cups that taste amazing!  I had to stock up!  I was thinking about when, where and how I would use them!

First of all I would grab one in the morning time!

Since VitaminBursts are packed with Vitamin C, energy first thing in the morning (especially during the summer months when its hot by 8 am) is quite welcome!  I also always use a cup filled with ice when I #BrewOverIce!

Rocking a nice icy Vitamin Burst on the way to the gym would not only get me pumped up, but its low calories would keep me light on my feet during my workout!

Because I don't keep juice in the house when friends come over I just ask them if they want Strawberry Pomegranate or Acai Berry and I don't tell them that they are drinking anything healthy until they get that first sip!  Of course they are amazed!

And an unexpected benefit of keeping myself stocked up on Vitamin Bursts is that my 6 year old niece, who hates vitamins (or any vegetables) ended up loving them!  So now we can get our surges of vitamins together...and she doesn't even know that she is doing something good for herself!

I also grabbed a few Snapple Brew Over Ice boxes to have when I have had my vitamins for the day! Another one of the cool things about Keurig is that they have a recycling prgram for their users called Grounds to Grow! It offers a way for K-Cup users to return used cups for processing that separates grounds for compost and plastics for re-use. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!