Ebony Steele | "Bare Chest for Breast!" | Celeb Breast Cancer Runway Show

Unless you have been under a rock or simply did not bother to check out any of the Breast Cancer Awareness events that were all over the nation this past month, you have heard about Media Powerhouse, Ms. Ebony Steele!  You know Ebony Steele as Ebony Steele, star of FOX's Dish Nation and co-host of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, however she is also major public service agent.

Ebony Steele's celebrity-studded 3rd Annual Uber Fabulous "Bare Chest for Breast" breast cancer Runway show and fund raising event hosted well over raised dollars and awareness showcasing the bare breast beefcake of the likes of some of Atlanta's sexiest men!


"I can't tell you who had the sexiest chest, but all of the women watching the show were pleased!" she said with a tickled laugh.

When I asked her how she was able to ganer the support of Celebs like Tameka Raymond and Kandi Burris she stated that all people can identify with having "gone through something." losing loved ones is a pain that everybody understands.

Five years ago Ebony Steele was diagnosed with breast cancer while in her early 30's.  While many women would have called it quits, Ebony, after receiving a touching call from another Sista picked up her life and began a crusade to make women, particularly women of color aware of detecting the disease and treatment.

"One of the most positive things that you can do in life is to help other people." 

Ebony quickly became highly involved with The Circle of Promise, the African American arm of the esteemed Susan G. Komen Foundation.

She is on a daily crusade being faced with the disease daily in her own life and she makes appearances and does work for the cause no less than once a month.

"Breast cancer does not just happen in the month of October." Ms. Steele states as to why she works so hard on the cause.

She also encourages men to be sure and check their breasts as well, the number of men acquiring breast cancer is increasing.

If you are interested in giving back to the cause Ebony requests that you please visit Circle of Promise and contribute!


Photos Courtesy: FreddieO.com