How to Make Sure that Your Black Doesn't Crack!

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Between coffee in the morning, wine at night and all of the delightful stress demons that we are exposed to wrinkles are a fact of life. I know that as Black women we like to use the mantra, "Black Don't Crack." ...but I am 37 (which means that I can be honest with myself) and from time to time when I take a real, hard look at myself in the mirror I see a few gray hairs and oh yes...some of those fine wrinkles...they would be called cracks.


RoC has always been an upscale product that women in my family used when they were actively looking good and keeping it together effortlessly.  The truth is, we simply cannot stop aging and quite frankly I cannot tell you that I would want to.  I have learned a LOT as I have matured and lessons that are unforgettable and very necessary to being the Fabulous woman that I am today, but it doesn't mean that I am not not on the hustle to look as young as possible!

There are a few Black Girl Beauty Secrets that I was taught by my mother and my grandmother:

1. Have a regular bedtime. You can always tell the women who have failed to rest or who get to bed at all different hours, wrinkles, dark circles and dry skin.  

2. Drink water infused with lemon. Drinking water is important but you must make sure that you use lemons so that you get the benefits of lemons to clean your system out and flush out all of the impurities so that you do not keep the bad stuff in. Okay so I also use Green Tea, Cucumbers & Oranges!

3. Switch up Cleaners.  Switching up cleaners is great for your skin and never allows build up because you aren't using the same cleanser.

4. Always remove all of your makeup every night no matter what!  I am super guilty of not taking my eye makeup off, especially if I was partying late into the night.  But I was taught that every day that you don't remove your makeup you actually age 2 days! Ekkkkk!!!!!.....that could be a LOT of aging!  So I take off my make-up no matter what! 

5. Use the BEST moisturizers. Skimp on ice cube tray holders, not good skin care. I personally love the RoC skincare line, it has been a family tradition. Thick creams for the day and night time that seal in moisture and prevent those fine lines that make us look older than we should. 

I love the way that my face feels in the morning time after using RoC Multi Correction 5 in 1 restoring Night Cream products before I retire and it gives my face and skin a springboard for a natural day or  date day glam!!

I really like the Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer because it has SPF of 30 and I DO NOT have to wear an additional sunscreen with it!


Check out the RoC website for more information about ALL of their products!

Although my family is from Texas we are California girls now and we do NOT do wrinkles!

You know that I am a Target girl, so I encourage you to buy some online at Target!  If you want to know more about RoC in general visit them online!

What do you to keep your fine lines and wrinkles at bay?