Beyoncé's Hair in a Fan!...And She Did What?

Beyoncé's Hair Gets Caught, But the Show Must Go On! Queen Beyoncé honey was sanging Halo, her Uber Popular song....when OMG...her hair gets stuck in a darn FAN!

Hair in a Fan Beyoncé Oppps!!...She got too close!

Beyoncé was going down stage to sing with a fan, where she normally does not go, and she got a little stuck! But Beyoncé is so cool and such a great sense of humor that she wrote this note and Instagramed it!

Bey Fan Hair

But Let me tell you how Bad Ass Beyoncé is she never stopped singing or performing and her voice never cracked while her team got that hair right! Can you imagine the horror that she felt??...She really is one of the greatest performers of all time!

Okay, not to be Funny Tho....but how did that Wig not Come off? I know Me and I just don't have that kind of glue!!

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