Beyoncé Fashion 2013

I am a Beyoncé Stan! I love Mama, she is fierce, fabulous and so fashionable! Its June and we are half-way through 2013 so lets take a 2013 walk down Beyoncé Fashion Memory lane! Beyonce Fashion 2013 One

Of course the Beginning of the year started out with Beyoncé Fashion killing us at the Inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama.  My favorite Beyoncé accessory is her husband, the Fly Mr. Sean Carter, Jay-Z. They were an amazing looking couple.  100% Class!

Beyonce Fashion 2013 Inauguration

Jay-Z wore 100% Tom Ford and Baddie Bey wore a classy, floor skimming Jet Black Pucci gown, fur by Christian Dior, shoes by Christian Dior and of course those Lorraine Schwartz emeralds!


Beyonce Fashion 2013 Three

Photo Credit: Win McNamee - Getty Images

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Beyoncé Fashion: Beyoncé for Vogue - March 2013


What I loved about this bit of Beyoncé Fashion is that Vogue cared to show her in a completely sexy and lady-like manner.  She was not over done but she was 100% Beyoncé Fabulous.  I love this glamorous updo that lets us really SEE Beyoncé!





Of course the Most Talked about GQ cover in a LONG time!!!...There was More Bey-Body than Beyoncé Fashion...but who can deny that Beyoncé Rocked the Hayle out of GQ!...and it was just bearly a year after Blue Ivy was born!!


Beyonce Fashion 2013 GQ


Those Red Lips Killed the Game and Brought Back Red Lipstick for us "Sometimes Blondies!!" Read More of my Beyoncé Articles! >>> CLICK HERE!


Now if this wasn't the Sexiest Photoshoot Ever??  Beyoncé has the ability to deliver the type of sexy that men desire and that we imitate!!

Beyoncé at the Met Gala in May 2013 epitomized Fashion and Glamour as she rocked Givenchy! 20130629-122932.jpg

Beyoncé for H & M


The Grammy's implemented a strict new fashion policy but of course Beyoncé was so appropriate and Fierce in an Osman Black and White Pants Suit!


Beyoncé does fashion and beauty! That top knot style was so popular this year and it was a look lead by Lady Bey!...that Lilac Nailpolish makes my toes curl too!!


Don't You Love When Beyoncé Fashion goes sporty??...I can rock that look!!


What Else Can we Say about Beyoncé Fashion??...She poses for The Gentlewoman in Alasdair McLellan!


Beyoncé and her Beyoncé Fashion are part of the media that I consume!! Tell me what you think of Beyoncé's Fashion this first half of 2013?