BET's Rocsi is A** OWT!

BET’s Rocsi is A** OWT!

So I was “pah-rusing” my Twitter and came up on a tweet by regarding a “dress” worn by BET’s Rocsi at “A Conversation With “Tower Heist” Director Brett Ratner & Cast.”  I usually don’t pay SUPER attention to my tweets as there are JUST TOO MANY, but this one had the word Scandalous in it and I simply could NOT resist.  So I clicked the link and I was faced with Rocsi in her panties out at an event.  WHAT!!... I actually commented on the BlogPost and then I decided that I was going to write my own Blog about this. 

When did it become fashionable to show your panties??<<Even if you DO Have a Slammin Body!>>

...It is out of line to show your bra strap or the top of your thong outside of your jeans-there are NO TWO WAYS about that!! WHEN DID that last bit of dignity fly out of the window?  And who are the MEN dating a woman who is showing her a**?...I mean literally!!??...I dated guys who freaked when my pants were too tight…showing panties-no bueno.  I just want to reassure young girls that they don’t have to show their goodies to look good!...and apparently tell us seasoned Sisters that mystique is sexier than lack theirof. 

And this is written by the official sexy girl-but DAMN Rocsi!...Reel it in!