BET Awards Weekend in Fashion

The BET Awards last night was lots of hotness...while there are so many production and comedic things that I could dish I am just going to hit the fashion scene and tell you what I thought about who stole the "fashion show" and who gave us a "did you even try?"

Tell me what you think and lets get into the Fashion of BET's TURN UP!!

Couple of the Night! Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union killed the carpet looking like Black Royalty on the RED Carpet. Never underestimate the sexiness of being a lady!...and OMG...the Shout Out that Dwayne Wade gave his "Beautiful Black Queen!" All of us Brownies positively melted!! 20130701-084613.jpg

Gabrielle Union was Simply Beautiful at the BET Awards in a well fitting red dress! We cant wait for Being Mary Jane! 20130701-084638.jpg

SLORE of the NIGHT You MAY disagree with me. But Megan Good was a Large FASHION FAIL for several reasons. The natural sag, she is a married woman(bring the sexy, not the slore), her hair looked like BAP's did it. She gets two thumbs down. 20130701-084709.jpg

Lala Vasquez looked a little spaceship, but the girl is so pretty and shapely that this rouched dress was cute on her. She did sexy lady very well, lets do it without the spaceship shoulder pads! 20130701-084759.jpg

Angela Simmons is Hip Hop Royalty, even though Angela has never rapped on any album her Dad and Uncle Rocked the Mic and the Business, however, this dress did not rock me or the Red carpet at the BET Awards. While White is a perfect color for this pretty girl, the futuristic look was a FASHION MISS. 20130701-084819.jpg

Hmm...that's a Whole Lotta Pank K.Michelle I'm not with the Ronald McDonald Hair either. 20130701-084918.jpg

Mr. Foxx was cool and confident, nominated for best actor in Django. We knew that he was a shoe in to win! 20130701-084948.jpg

I will not comment. However, I had to share. 20130701-085006.jpg

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were coolio. Amber Rose actually looked pretty darn good! Her style is usually impeccable, so its good to see her beautiful, blonde and bald again! 20130701-085025.jpg

The Beautiful Janelle Monae was gorgeous and classy in this well, worn white! Go Girl!! Janelle-Monae-2013-BET-Awards

Ciara was Cute as a Button and Sexy as Vixen! She looked cute, naked and STILL hot in all of that Leather! I think that this is Ciara's Time Tho!! Her in those cash pants on stage!!...I need to take a dance class NOW! Go Ci-Ci!! Ciara BET Awards

Everybody's Big Sister Brandy Norwood was Cute until we hit those FASHION FAIL shoes!!...What was she thinking?? 20130701-085107.jpg

Nia Long...when did she get to be the same age as Angela Bassett?? 20130701-085114.jpg

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All kinds of Suspect, Bobby Valentino and 2Chains 20130701-085137.jpg

How About Nikki impressed me at the BET Awards, She was doing her thing, but she was really getting her Pretty On!! 20130701-085156.jpg



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I was in Love with R. Kelly's Performance AND His Jacket!! 20130701-085235.jpg

But His Hat was Doing Too Much...He turned into John Witherspoon on Boomerang. He had to Coordinate. 20130701-085248.jpg

What is A Fashion Wrap Up without a Lil Diddy! He always serves up the nice suites, but I know that he was HOT out there! 20130701-085258.jpg

Thanks for hanging out with me for the BET Awards Fashion Wrap! Who were your favorites??....Did I miss anybody??....Was I off on my reviews!!

Holla At Cha Girl!