Best Man Holiday: My Top 10 Moments (spoiler)


If you have not seen Best Man Holiday, please do NOT read this because I am totally going to spoil it for you. However I DO have two other Best Man Holiday Posts that will NOT Spoil the movie for you! CLICK HERE!

So in case you could not tell, this was totally a Best Man Weekend for me. I love this film and could go on for days about what I LOVED about it! I am going to line up my Top 10 Moments for Best Man Holiday:

1. Air Guitar: "Can you stand the rain!"

Yes this was Classic and Epic! And when Shelby threw her panties at her ex I hollered! This was good cinema!...and those men. Morris Chestnut is actually perfect-no really.

the-best-man-holiday new edition classyblackgirl fine men

2. When Quentin (Terrance Howard's character) asked Harper (Taye Diggs character) TWICE if he needed money and help.

When people know that you need help and do not or will not help you and they can, that means that there are conditions on their friendship. Their friendship had no limits.


3. Shelby's sexy clothes!

I loved me some Shelby. So no this wasn't a moment, but her clothes deserved some kudos! She was delivering Sexy Realness!

Shelby Best Man Holiday ClassyBlackGirl

4. When Candace and Shelby started whooping each others arses a la War of the Roses!...because of Candace on that video tape.

I didn't know who I wanted to win!...but I was like...ohhh this looks real honey!

5. When we first saw Jordan's Fine white man!

He is a nice tall glass of sexy milk! Mmmm....He was running neck and neck with these brothers-and that's saying a LOT! He was so secure and so attentive to Nia Long's character. He made me think...there must be something to these Sista's with white Mista's relationships.

The-Best-Man-Holiday-Trailer-Kiss classyblackgirl

6. When Sanaa Lathan's character bought Nia Long the tissue because they were both so sad that Mia's life was slipping away right before their eyes.

7. When Mia stood up on the last night of her life to sing a Christmas Hymm to God with her daughter and niece.

This was a holy spirit moment. And I felt the heavens open and God saying that he was pleased with this film because it shared HIM with people who did NOT expect it.

8. When Lance made his yardage!

He prayed and drove home with a police escort so that he could get to Mia before she died-on Chirstmas day. I cried like a baby.

9. When Shelby placed those African Violets on Mia's coffin. She buried her Sands, with grace. And she loved her until the end. Omega Omega.

african violet best man holiday delta sigma theta coleman love omega psi phi

10. When Lance delivered his best friend's baby.

Even though he was angry, his wife's funeral had been that day, he still loved his friend and his friends family enough to put love first. And they named the baby: Mia.

This whole movie was based on Friendship. Friendship is gift, weather you have 1 or 10 be grateful for those that love you.

This movie is truly going to have a hand in making THIS holiday different for me this year.

Thank You God.

What were YOUR favorite parts of the movie? I know that I had to miss a few!

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery

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