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“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Everywhere for .me Domain names, I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating."

I am the editor-in-chief of and I am all about living the multi-passionate life!  I write about all things that are Classy, Black and of course Girl!  While it may not seem like a very wide niche, it's truly overwhelming the topics that I am availed to. Wine, beauty, fashion, auto and anything else that is lifestyle focused.  While this is's also a bit much.


I have always wanted to start a Beauty focused blog, but I didn't want it to be like everybody elses...AND I needed to figure out when I would have the sheer time to create yet another platform...and then...the main question...why?

I have always been a beauty junkie....and I probably write about beauty once a week...but I am NOT what I would call a beauty blogger.

I was presented with the opportunity to grab a .me domain and I immediately started thinking and wondered 

"if I was to have a .me domain that was totally ALL about me....what would I write about?"

Dot Me Domain.jpg


A myriad of topics swirled around in my head (says the multipassionate writer) ....but in the middle of the night I received an email from one of my blogger mentors (in my head) Mommy Testers.  I wondered if was available-it was! 


Oh and the matter of time...for is a much faster process.  The thing that takes me a long time is putting on makeup for the videos!


So I decided to serve my readers better by creating a very focused video ONLY page (still housed on where I have short, honest videos about beauty products that I receive! But you can find it by going to!! This also helps me to get the top level domain juice because BeautyTesters is a very I demand domain....that somebody is just squatting on.  So now I'm rocking a .me domain.


It doesn't hurt that I am the new Skype ambassador for Beauty! Check me out on Moment Makers, it will be announced in the next few weeks!...oh and Party with me on Skype @ClassySharelle!


Why I love

I love .me because all of the GOOD .com's are taken or being squatted on. Somebody even grabbed my name.  Yep, way LONG time ago. So I'm rolling with .me for all of my URL purchases from now on! I can get what I want!

Oh....and be sure and subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you don't miss ONE single video on or just check out my main home, right here, online!

What type of .me would you choose if you could?

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To apply for the contest....just subscribe to my YouTube Channel and are entered!...and of course leave me a comment and tell me what you think about how important the .me domain name is!

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Enjoy being .me!