Beauty: Water is the Fountain of Youth!

I am always holding a water bottle or picking up a glass of water that is sitting next to my laptop. I drink water regularly because it is the healthy thing to do, but also because my Mother told me that is was the Fountain of Youth. You probably remember my article on "Remaining Marketable." If you missed it, please check it out here!


My Mother, Corrie J. Sampson is the inspiration for many of my Beauty Blog Posts. She is positively gorgeous and naturally. She does not believe in a lot of make-up or beauty that you do not wake up with, so that means that you preserve your youth and work hard to improve on what you already have. Whenever I tell people that I am 35 they NEVER believe me. I attribute this to my youthful skin, bright eyes and great attitude.

My Mother always gives me quick tips on how to get in my 10 bottles of water a day. Now I am going to a few of them with you:

1. As soon as you get up, say your prayers and have a bottle of water. Before you eat or drink anything, have a bottle of water!

2. Keep bottles of water room temperature AND cold. This is because some days you want an ice cold bottle of water to drench your thirst, other times you just want a room temperature bottle of water.

3. Put a slice of lemon in your water to give some oomph to the taste and keep you drinking. This citrus is also helpful in keeping our system clean.

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4. Keep water in your car. I always keep a 24 pack in my car. This stops me from stopping and grabbing a soda or even being thirsty. I have used a bottle or two to wipe my face off as well! However, you cannot beat the convenience of keeping water in your car.

5. Use your cell phone to create timed alerts to remind you to drink water. This is actually my own tip and it really works to remind you to keep your body hydrated.

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You cannot beat the convenience of keeping water at your finger tips and you cannot beat the beauty benefits. Wearing a face of makeup is great for special occasions, but on a daily basis natural beauty is what my Mother always taught me!

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Blogger & Fabulosity Correspondent

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