Beauty: Oh My Missings Edges!

Oh My Missing Edges!

Its 2013 and thank goodness it's just fine to have natural and nappy beautiful edges. You know what I am talking about. The freedom that we now have to not have self imposed and unattainable beauty standard that makes Black Women feel that it is required to have "good edges, sandy spurs" or anything of the like.

I grew up in the late 80's and 90' my first perm in 1987 and was all the way back natural in 1997. However, those 10 years (and even some after) having edges laid like Kim Kardashian was the thing. When I got new growth it was shameful!!...I was running to the salon and would let the perm sit and burn a little longer (yes like Denzel Washington in X) just to make sure that my hair would be bone straight when I touched it. I mis-understood that pain was beauty at 10 years old.

Smooth Edges
Smooth Edges

Had I not been too broke to keep those perms up in college I may be suffering from missing edges as well, the actual term is called Traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is caused by entirely too much tension on your hair in a concentrated area. You can eventually end up looking like Naomi Campbell.

These edges are GONE!

These edges are GONE!

Keep Your Edges

Healthy Hair tips to help prevent Traction Alopecia:

1. Keep the "slicked down" look to a minimum.  No more than once or twice a month.

2. When you do slick your hair down protect it with a conditioner before adding a gel.

3. Use gel sparingly and look for gel that does not have a high percentage of alcohol in it.  so yes, ditch the ProStyl gel from our youth!

4. Be mindful of how rough you are with your hair, especially your edges. Handle you hair with care, she is precious.

5. Wash gel out of your hair at the end of the day so that you are not sleeping on the gel. This can pull your hair and cause breakage and hair loss.

6. When wearing wigs, don't feel the need to wear so many hair pins that you are pulling ridiculously at your hair.

7. DO NOT get quick weaves, these are the weaves where glue is attached directly to your hair or a wig cap-and NEVER allow anybody to put glue on your hair or scalp, like in the instance of an invisible part.

8. Condition your hair gently every 7-10 days.  Massage the temple area of the head to encourage growth and stimulation.

9. If you do wear your hair back regularly-use bobby pins and not pony tail holders.  Those beautiful pin clips are pretty too, but if they are putting any tension on your hair-toss them.

10. Wear box braids and other braids sparingly.  And make sure that you and your braider understand that baby hair should not be pulled nor should your braids hurt for the sake of beauty. This includes sew-in weaves that require braiding.

Braids are NOT for everybody!

Braids are NOT for everybody!

11. Do not wear lace front wigs. Glue applied to your already very sensitive edges is a sure way to begin to lose them. Imagine the loss that will occur when you remove that wig. Its sinful.

Last note, make sure that you go see an alopecia specialist if you notice thinning. Do not just cover up the problem with more hair.

Sistas, our hair is very sensitive and should be taken care of in a very loving an affectionate way. Share ways that you protect your hair from hair loss of tension alopecia?