Beauty: Beyoncé & Her Pixie Cut...It's not about hair

Beyoncé - New Standard of Beauty, The Pixie Cut

So ALL of us have seen the new Beyoncé cut. Some of us like it.

Beyonce Pixie

Some of us (me) don't.

But I am excited for her in making that big hair change. One of the things that I love about being a girl with natural hair is that I have so many options in how I wear my hair. And while it is true that I am not my hair, it changes the heck out of my look.

beyonce pixie cut

Beyoncé has pretty much worn the same hairstyle for the past 10 years, a long blonde wig or weave. The versatility of not being stuck to a hairstyle is empowering and it lifts the stigma that we ARE our hair, we are so not! Nobody personifies beauty and fabulousness like Queen Beyoncé! Since she has been a famous songstress she has been setting fashion and beauty trends, this pixie look is going to be no exception. Expect to see even your grandmother rocking this new Beyoncé Pixie!

The Western standard of beauty is long, flowy, blonde hair and fair skin.  While Beyoncé certainly has fair skin she is bucking the system and stepping out of the typical beauty standard and rocking the boat!...this is a WIN for those of us who do not adhere to the western standard of beauty.

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Beyonce Pixie Back Mirror Even though I do not love the haircut on Beyoncé, I love the freedom and self esteem that this is going to give women of color to love their beautiful cheekbones, pretty lips and gorgeous skin. It is my hope that the rest of the world will see Black Women as more than just big hair and a booty, but as 3 dimensional and complete women. Thank you Beyoncé for making short hair chic again a la Toni Braxton and Halle Berry in the 90's!

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While I am still not a fan of the two inch hairdo I AM a fan of the courage that it took to come from behind that weave and show herself in short hair.

The tea is that it's a wig, I am iffy on that. We shall see in the coming weeks and months how Queen Bey rocks her new mini locks!

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