Be A Wine Maker With Columbia Crest!

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I dig wine to the fullest, but this is probably something that you already know-right? 

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Every new bottle of wine can become like a new experience.  Sometimes there are some wines that you wish that you could have added a hint of this and a touch of that or left this after taste out all together.  As a girl who loves her wine I love full bodied, bold, red wines that dance all over your palate. 

I'm not all into the notes of this and the bouquet of all of that. I just like good wine!  


I am super excited about the Columbia Crest Crowdsourced Cabernet.  So what all of that means is that you actually get to have a hand in how the new wine is actually made!  You get to vote on if the vines should be irrigated or stressed if the harvest should happen at night and even when the grapes should be crushed. Its so cool because its a whole bunch of people voting and deciding what happens to create the outcome of the finished vino!


...and anybody can join and do it, you do not have to be some wine connoisseur, but if you are thats cool too!  Its like wine went and became a party for all of us to join.  You get to learn more about the wine making process because you have access to information like real wine makers do such as:

  • Weather Analytics
  • Season by season data
  • Time-lapsed camera
juan munoz-oca

You also get help and advice from Juan Munoz-Oca, the head wine maker at Columbia Crest.  Its totally interactive and a social way to be a part of the wine making experience.

What is the ECO?

The ECO is the Executive Crowdsourcing Officer!  Check out their duties:

  • Ambassador for the Online Crowdsourcing Community
  • Travel to Columbia Crest Winery in Paterson, CA
  • Work right along with head wine maker Juan Munoz-Oca

You also win $2, 500 AND Travel to Columbia Crest AND you get to the be the STAR (well along with the wine and Juan) of an awesome behind the scenes film about wine making!

For More Information on how you can join the party visit them online in several places:

On the Web




You can also check out more about Columbia Crest by using the hashtag #CrowdsourcedCab

What would be YOUR suggestion on how to create the perfect Cabernet?