Battle of the Buldge Summer BBQ Edition

Battle of the Buldge Summer BBQ Edition


We're more then a month into the Summer season and I dont know about you guys, but I'm trying to manage the increase of food plates from socializing at various BBQs with trying to remain decent looking in a pair of swim trunks. I subscribe to the idea that you create your summer body in the Winter & Spring. I've done P90X, Insanity & Body Beast individually and as hybrid programs.

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You really have to lock in with your focus and your food intake in relation to your goals. When Summer arrives I shift from building to maintenance. I try to burn off more calories to balance out the additional intake that fired foods, burgers and rum punch deliver.


Be clear this isn't for those looking to enter any beauty competitions because my Summer diet wouldn't cut it on a pro level. But I believe in putting in the work in the gym to be able to eat and enjoy life as you would like to live it, in moderation of course. It's different strokes for different folks but I'm curious to know what you guys do during the Summer to keep you fitness on point? Any unique workouts regiments?

Follow me on Twitter at @TrueOmegaNexus and see if I maintain vs the wave of delicious summer foods. Another BBQ is on deck for next Sunday