Back to School with Duane Reade – Summer Shopping

Back to School with Duane Reade – Summer Shopping


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As the dog days of Summer march on for those of us with kids in our lives we realize that it’s that time of year again to begin loading up on supplies for the upcoming school year. It will be the start of a new academic season soon so there’s no time like the present to stop by Duane Reade to grab those needed items. I personally do not have any kids but as someone the likes to support others I wanted to assist a single mother friend of mine whose child I've known since he was 2 yrs. old. He’s half way through way high school and I know it would be a relief on the family to get this school items.


In preparing for this visit to #DuaneReade I needed to get a comprehensive list of the supplies I need. I know the school district in which my friends live provides them lists upon arrival to in the fall but I know much of the material is standard. I located a standard 11th grade school supply list online and was ready to go shopping.



I arrived to Duane Reade bright and early ready to knock out much of this list. Upon entry I asked a Duane Reade associate for the aisle with the school material and was directed there easily. The layout of the store was such that first you hit the stationary section which had the majority of the items I needed and then the usual school section had more specific items especially those geared to kids like flash cards and other reading aids.


Pricing of the school supplies varied but there was a solid range of quality items for pretty low prices. I guess I’m getting a taste of what my parents went through with my brother and me. I was able to get everything I need short of the scientific calculator only because I didn't want to pick up a wrong edition prior to the school designating which model was needed. With the technology of these smart phones today who knows if it would even be needed.

With that, my shopping was complete. Mission accomplished and as I left the store I knew that I just made a good kids progress into a new grade a little easier. I had no clue what pricing for school supplies should be but I know that I got a lot of my money at Duane Reade. I truly love the fact that I could combine this #cbias shop with helping my friends with a nice late summer surprise. Many Duane Reade locations participate in Operation Backpack, a donation program for school going kids, so make sure on your next visit your pick up something to help with this great cause.


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