A Sorority Stroll in the Kia Sorento!

As summer comes to a close my favorite events are the Black Greek Letter organization cookouts.  It's the one time of year that I actually see some people that I have not seen all year long!

I am able to catch up with old friends and make new ones!  I was hanging out with my Sorority Sisters during the Omegas Cookout this summer and we chilled for a little while in the new ride I was fortunate to enjoy for a week, the Magnificent 2014 Kia Sorento!

The Kia Sorento 2014 SUV/CUV is fully loaded with ALL of the creature comforts that you would expect in any luxury vehicle from seats that are heated and cooled for your pleasure to "get you there navigation!"

I did not want to say goodbye to this FAB vehicle, check out the party below!...I will share the quick and hard facts of this automobile after the jump!

When all of the partying was over it was extra easy to pile into the Kia Sorento because of the 3 rows of seats and the space!  

Some Awesome Features of the Kia Sorento:

Automatically closing mirrors

I found it so helpful to have mirrors that moved in when the door is locked!  With this SUV being a big body automobile other cars (and even people) can hit it.  Damage is the LAST thing that you want to happen to your new, fly ride!  The Kia Sorento has automatically closing mirrors that protect it (and you) from the gate!

Hands free trunk opening (& closing)

Whether you are taking groceries out of the trunk by yourself or loading it up with beauty products, we only have two hands!  The automatically closing trunk relieves you of having to close the trunk yourself!  

Monster Engine 

I love a big engine and when I put my foot on the gas I want to go! This Kia Sorento is going to surprise you, I promise! I was thoroughly impressed with the power that this automobile possessed.

What I Positively Loved about the Kia Sorento:

Music is a big part of my traveling and driving experience!  I love to have a booming sound system that keeps me hyped and motivated!  The system in this Sorento was truly second to none! 

The Kia Sorento was full of safety, what impressed me were the airbags all over the car.  In case an accident ever did occur, you want to be safe when carrying precious cargo! 


My FAVORITE Classy Feature:

These wheels were killing the game!  Big Wheels, Big Brakes all speak to my high end and Classy Tastes!

The Sirius Radio system allowed me to listen to everything from talk radio to smooth R & B and I never had to be worried about getting lost!  


On super hot California days, this awesome privacy shade is a lifesaver and helps keep the car cool as well as your passengers in the back too!  

The 2nd and 3rd rows in the Kia Sorento are everything!  They are spacious and "Oh Yes" I love the designer stitching on the seats!! 

Call me girlie, but wow if I didn’t love the way that the Kia Sorento looked sitting in my driveway. It’s so classy, stylish and comfortable. I was looking for places to go! The Kia Sorento comes in several colors but the upscale platinum color that I was fortunate enough to drive was pure everything!

It was easy to make the Kia Sorento a regular part of my life!  I even took her out on a jog when I hit Lake Merritt in Oakland!


The Kia Sorento fully loaded starts at $38,000 and I have to say with an engine like this, this classy Big Body Frame and the pure luxury that this car delivers...its worth every penny!  We spend lots of time in our automobiles and when we work hard, we deserve the best.  However, you can get the Kia Sorento with a scaled back but still fly Sorento at about $23,000!  


As I am looking to purchase a new car in the next 6 months the Kia Sorento is NOW totally at the top of my list as a major contender! 

For more information on Kia and the Kia Sorento please make sure that you check them out online at Kia.com 

When looking for a car what are your top Must Have's?