9 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Women Rocks My Life! #HerHealth

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I was in the Women's Health aisle of Walgreens looking for something new and exciting to take my current health regimen to a new level.  I was being nosy and overheard two women from India talking about the health benefits of Coconut Oil.  

I looked at their skin and their hair and decided to pull out my trusty tablet and do a little research in the Women's Health aisle at Walgreens.  I was overwhelmed with the heath benefits of Coconut Oil and decided that I would grab what I could find (okay, I grabbed a few more Vitamins that we will discuss at a later date) and got to investigating the health benefits of Coconut Oil!  

I found that there was an overwhelming amount of health benefits from taking Coconut Oil.  Now I am NOT a doctor, but these are my research findings and they are amazing!


1. Coconut Oil helps to boost circulation, especially if your body feels cold.

2.The fats contained in coconut oil may also help to boost your thermogenesis and burns fat like a furnace inside of your body!

 Beauty Health

Coconut Oil has many all-natural beauty benefits such as:

3. Being an excellent skin moisturizer that works on Anti-Aging and I love every bit of that.

4. Coconut Oil is also a great way to get dry hair and frayed ends in check by opening up a pill and putting it on your scalp and twisted ends. 

5. It is a great moisturizer for lips instead of using petroleum jelly.

6. Use the oil to place it on your skin to help you lighten age spots, and yes women of Color DO get age spots!

Women's Health

7. It can be used as a great topical cure for yeast infections

8. Apply Coconut Oil to the perineum to help heal after child birth.

9. It can be used as a natural personal lubricant for the vagina.

I also scored this awesome (really inexpensive) pill reminder so that I will never forget to take my Coconut Oil pill for the day!...I need help maintaining healthy habits!

Because Coconut Oil is the oil of a very healthy plant and one that has been used for centuries in countries all over the world there are probably health benefits that still have not yet been identified, but you can best believe that I am going to keep grabbing my Coconut Oil from Walgreens and your Classy, Black Girl is going to keep the focus on #HerHealth!

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