Beauty Review: Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner


Hey My Beauty Girls!!...I did this for you!!

Classy Rating: 4 C's out of 5...Here is Why!

As most of you might know, I usually wear wigs or weaves, I have a lot of hair and I oftentimes just want to tie it down and go but look fabulous!!

So I have recently started entertaining this “natural-curly look.” However, I will admit that I have been a little anxious about wearing it while really socializing(i.e. where men may be). I went to a good friends film premiere and my hair was a hit! It was then I decided that my curl pattern must have been fly enough to wear out and about. So I decided to wear it to a picnic thrown by my fraternity brothers. I had been hearing mixed reviews about this product called “mixed chicks.” I mean, I am not mixed…is this going to work for me??…after all its $20 bucks!

So after much hemming and hawing I bought the pricey bottle and took it home. I looked online at video reviews and of course they were not the best…I mean really, they were not. I was feeling discouraged, but luckily I knew that I had a fabulous hat that I could wear to this picnic if my hair did not work out!

So I washed my hair(not with Mixed Chicks, but now I am dying to begin using the shampoo and conditioner), conditioned it and jumped out of the shower!...I got the moisture out of my hair and began liberally applying more product. I actually used about 3 quarter sized globs. I ran it through my hair and then I added some EVOO and some conditioner that smells good. And I waited for the usual pop-up to happen, it didn’t. It DID however get a little hard, which I guess is how your fresh out of the shower curl pattern is held, and it was cute for the rest of the day!!

This product get 4 C’s for Class!! It would get 5, but the price is painful!...and the smell should be better!!

If you want this product you can buy it here!

Happy Curly Days!!


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