Want Longer REAL Hair? Do a 60 Day #Hairfinity Challenge!

This week before I went to #BlogHer14 I was thinking, "What am I going to do with my hair?"  

Honestly, a wig is my go to.  In the past wigs have been easy, simple and I didn't have to "do battle with Bianca" (this is what I say when its time to do my hair).  Wigs are kind of where I feel comfortable, but after trying on a few different wigs I saw that I looked like a fool and felt like an even bigger one.  Maybe me and wigs were no longer working out.

I know, I know... "What is Hairfinity?"

While I was at #BlogHer14 this year I was walking through the expo hall and it was like the heavens opened up, I saw this gorgeous, pink booth filled with beautiful women and they were all telling me about how Hairfinity basically changed their lives and their hair.  

Hairfinity is basically a vitamin that supposedly works better than Biotin or any other supplement to encourage your hair to grow-but it actually REALLY works!  Say whut?


Hmmm.... I was pretty interested as my own hair has been a place of pride, contention, stress and decisions...like how I felt about my hair this week!

I spoke to ALL of the Hairlicious Hairfinity ladies in regards to how the product worked for them-they loved it.  The before and after pictures were almost unbelievable and of course after meeting the beautiful Khloe Kardashian (and she says that she uses the product religiously) I decided that I needed to do my own 60 Day Hairfinity Hair challenge!


Enter the 60 Day Hairfinity Challenge!

Most people are doing a Hairfinity Challenge for 30 Days, but I really want to have a bigger more noticeable curly fro, so I decided on 60 Days!...plus I just don't feel like my hair grows super fast.  60 Days should be enough time to figure out if Hairfinity really works too!  So today is July 27th!  See you at the halfway mark on August 27th!!...hopefully with some more length!


Yep, we went and started a Facebook group where we share coupons, discount codes and all types of goodies about hair growth Natural or Not!  JOIN US IN THE HAIRFINITY FACEBOOK GROUP!

I challenge you to do your OWN 60 Day Hairfinity Hair challenge!  There isn't much to it, just make sure that you get your 2 bottles of Hairfinity, take your two pills per day and don't miss a day, then track the results! 

Tell me how your progress goes as we become, Long Hair Don't Care girls!

Follow Hairfinity on Instagram and you tell me what you think of the ladies who want and are getting Long Hair Don't Care!

I received a complimentary sample of Hairfinity products, but all opinions, thoughts and even this personal contest are my own as I rock this 60 Day Hairfinity Challenge.