6 Foods for Healthy Skin! Part II

Hey my Classies! I hope that you enjoyed yesterday's post 6 Foods for Healthy Skin! If you missed it, CLICK HERE!

This is part two of that article with 6 MORE amazing foods to keep your skin glowing and "good."

The really cool thing about most of these foods is that they can simply be added to your healthy regimen in a smoothie!

Here are my top fave Foods for Healthy Skin:

Grapefruit If you want softer and more supple skin grapefruit is always a good go to food! They contain lycopene and collagen building Vitamin C. Collagen protects the skin from the sun and fights those pesky wrinkles. Grapefruit use

Kale Kale is the ultimate detoxifying food. Kale has large amounts of Vitamin C which aids in the anti-aging process! Kale is perfect to put in your smoothie. Kale use

Cocoa No, I don't mean chocolate...although that would be nice, I mean chocolate's big brother Pure Cocoa. When it is pure, it is full of flavonoids and anti-oxidants, this will aid is slowing down the signs of aging. Cocoa use

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Papaya Do you want to avoid wrinkles and looking old before your time? Start eating more Papaya. This fruit has lots of anti-oxidants which will stop those wrinkles from looking so deep or possibly even being present at all. Papaya use

Raspberries Raspberries are screaming and almost always part of my favorite smoothies. Raspberries help repair and refresh damaged skin cells, especially damage from the sun. Raspberries use

Tofu Tofu is for tone! If you want your skin tone to get better then tofu is the answer for you and a healthier protein-rich option to meat. tofu use

I hope that you try at least some of these fruits to upgrade your skins beauty.

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