5 Ways to Have a Healthy Dog When you Are Busy! With Purina ONE!

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Back in 2006 I broke up with my on again off again boyfriend. It was painful and I was lonely. I decided to trade in a two legged dog for a four legged dog...and ONE Difference , this dog would be loyal!

I named my dog Chika and through tough emotional and even financial times, my Puppy Girl (what a I call her) has always been good to me and as we both get older and times get better, I want to be sure and treat her well!

Of course I am busy and as my puppy gets MUCH older at don't have as much time and she doesn't have as much energy as she used to.

I do a few of the same things regularly to make sure that she still feels as good as she can on a regular basis. I would suggest that if you have an older dog that you try the same things:

1. Get your dog out at least a few times a week. 

My dog sometimes is as about as enthusiastic about exercise as I am, which sometimes means not at all.  However, I know that she needs some fresh air and movement.

2. See the vet.

I know going to the Vet can be pricey, but having a sick dog is so much worse and painful to watch. Remember when my Boxer had Cancer? It was really bad.

3. Play with your dog, in short fun spurts!

I don't always have time for those long romps on the floor like I used to (and frankly MY hip isn't what it used to be either) but I can get down there with her and play a little bit! It makes my puppy feel great and it makes our friendship stronger.


4. Do NOT feed your dog table scraps. 

There are so many foods that are NOT animal friendly (like Chocolate and Onions) and it stops your dog from wanting healthier food. I mean who wants to choose baked chicken over friend chicken if you just have to hold out a little bit and give your owner those eyes? But dogs have no business eating people food. It can make them sick.


4. Give your dog the Best Food!

I do NOT play about good food (or treats) when it comes to my "puppy-girl" and neither does she!  I only give her the best.  Of course this means that I actually have to go down to the pet food store or grocery store and find her favorite Purina ONE dry dog food.

What I have found to be easier and less time consuming is by ordering her food online from Amazon. It takes care of two stressors: remembering to order Chicka's food and lifting those bags to get them in the house!

Chika has always loved Purina, but we "Clicked Up" Purina ONE dry dog food because it is specifically designed for a more senior dog and my girl is getting up there! We started the 28 Day Challenge and boy did I notice some differences in Chika!
  • More energy, just over all she was less lethargic and was more eager about her walks again!
  • She enjoyed her food more!
  • Her breath was better! 
  • She limped a little less (not that this will happen for YOUR dog).

The limping less was probably the best reward for me for being a little more serious about my dogs food.

If you are a dog parent and have rocked the 28 day Challenge, what difference have you noticed or what would you LIKE to see change by upgrading your dogs daily food?