5 Classy Things That You Need to Know About Sprint!

β€œI participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Sprint has really bridged the gap in giving the consumer (me) what they want. From the busy business owner (me) to the person who hates being confined to a contract (me) Sprint has really impressed me with some new programs that make life more convenient-and classy.

One of the things that I dread, is going to the mobile phone store:

  • It that it is probably packed
  • The agents are unknowledgable about the phones that I might want
  • I will end up spending WAY more than I budgeted for

In the end, I will probably be hanging out for hours until my number is finally called I will end up Tweeting, liking instagram photos (okay taking Instagram photos) and wishing that I were somewhere else

I know, a mobile mess. 

What Sprint is doing Differently

Sprint now has a new program called Direct 2 You!

This totally means that I do NOT have to even think about going into the store to get a new phone. 

So all of that stuff that I was just fussing about, with Sprint, it is now a thing of the past.

Now check this out, you go to Sprint Direct 2 You or call 844-DIR-2YOU and just like magic, a Sprint Guy (or girl) appears.  They are actually mobile techs and are powerfully trained mobile phone techs to help you:

  • transition into your new phone
  • move all of your contacts and data (yes photos) into a new phone
  • Get you up and talking all in the comfort of where ever you would like to meet. Yes, that means that they have everything in their cars to get you into your new LG G4 or whatever you need.

This is THE most convenient way to upgrade your phone or get a new phone.

...oh and its FREE! 

5 Things That You Need to Know About Sprint

I was invited to a Radio Shack Store to learn more about Sprint and how they are making the mobile phone process a more pleasurable one.  Here are some flicks of the fun and here are 5 things that you need to know about my NEW Carrier, Sprint!...they are all about MORE!

  • MORE STORES: Sprint just joined forces with 1500 Radio Shack stores and they now have "Store within a Store" locations all over the nation! Radio Shack is a neighborhood store, so we have more access to our mobile store when we need to!
  • MORE OPTIONS: If you have some credit challenges, there are some awesome pre-paid options that you can even get an iPhone on! No credit checks, no drama.
  • MORE TIME: If you do not want to spend time in the store you can get cell phone delivery anywhere you want with Direct 2 You!
  • MORE LG G4 LOVE: Yep, I got one. Takes the BEST Selfies and Periscoping on this phone is the business. The internet/data rocks on this device and its most definitely at Sprint!
  • MORE CLASS: Their customer service team JUMPS at the opportunity to answer questions and doesn't put you on forget when you DO come in the store!
Me & Brandi Riley posing for awesome selfies at our Lunch with Sprint!

Me & Brandi Riley posing for awesome selfies at our Lunch with Sprint!

All around Sprint treated us like rock stars, I even won an iPad!  

The really cool part about all of it is that they are committed to treating each customer who walks in their front door with they same respect.

I Follow Sprint on Twitter for Tech Updates!

I am pleased with my new service and I cannot wait to experience more and more with Sprint and my awesome LG G4 device!