5 Healthy Ways to Steal Some "Me Time!"

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Maybe you are a mom with demanding kids, a wife with a busy husband or maybe you have a job that requires a LOT of you and you need to know the best and most drama free way to wind down and take some Me Time!


It's important that your wind down be all about you!  Me time is important because it helps us to rejuvenate and be at 100% for all of the people who depend on us!


Here are my Top 5 Ways that I wind down and steal some "Me Time" at night:

1. Burn a delicious smelling candle. I like to light my candle right before I take a quick shower and when I walk into my bedroom it smells amazing.  The scent begins to put me immediately into a better mind frame.  I really like lavender as it puts me in a good peaceful place.

2. Take a few moments and write down what I am grateful for from the day.  Oftentimes we get caught up in what did NOT work that day, remembering what you are thankful for reminds you about how blessed you are.

3. Read your Bible and pray.  This reminds me why I am here and who loves me.  GOD should always center you and help you calm down.

4. Drink a nice Chamomile Tea.  This helps you to relax.  This is the step right before I get ready to make the maximum indulgence!...but with the minimum caloric intake!

5. Enjoy one pack (okay maybe two) of Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters and at least ONE (okay maybe two) Skinny Cow Ice Cream Candy Bar(s)!

This permissible indulgence is only 120 calories, but your mind will have no idea that you are eating a better option!

The crunch gives me just enough pleasure and the chewy chocolate and Caramel totally becomes my chocolate fix and there is nothing that tasting that sweet carmel and vanilla ice cream mixed with that chocolate in the Ice Cream bars!  Whew!

Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters & Ice Cream Candy Bars are the perfect way to end your day!

If you cannot take these moments at the end of the day...grab one of these awesome packs drop them in your purse and enjoy them while in traffic or right after the gym!  Anytime you have a Skinny Cow Cluster it is automatically ME time!

How do you steal ME time?

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