5 FAQ's About Car Designer School

This excellent content was sponsored by GM so that you might be a little bit more knowledgeable about Automotive Design!


Young minds create the new car designs that we love.  When you say #ThatsABuick you know that a student in Transportation Design has taken a car back to the drawing board and re-created a brand that speaks volumes to a multitude of generations.

Buick has created the Buick Achievers Scholarship program where collegiates are eligible for scholarships if they are enrolled in majors that are relative to building the automotive business, specifically transportation design.  

If one is interested in becoming a car designer then Transportation Design School is usually required.  Here are the top 5 things that you should know when making car design your career choice:

1. Remember that it is less important where you went to school than what you can do for a potential employer post graduation. 

Attend a school that will foster your gifts and talents and where you are most comfortable.

2. Look for a an environment that challenges you as a student. 

You must be around other people who are constantly helping you to raise your professional and technological bar.  Make sure that there are good students that have come from the school that you plan to attend and that talented students are still attending.  Feel free to ask your enrolling counselor to refer you to students that you may be able to speak with.  

It is important to note that an entry portfolio should be required of every student, if only money is required, you may want to reconsider this school. 

3. Be mindful of school accreditation.

While you do not have to attend the most expensive or well-known school, it does have to be respected by the person who will be hiring you post graduation.

4. Ask if there are automotive sponsorships, partnerships or scholarships available at the school that you are choosing.

Who does the school work with?  Are there alumni or professional inroads that have been created for your future post graduation?

5. A good transportation design school should have facilities that extend beyond what a regular college or university should have.  There should be design facilities, labs and technology germane specifically to transportation design.

Education in the transportation design school is very specific and choosing the proper institution is imperative to beginning a successful career in the automotive industry.