2 Fast Ways to Include Self Care During the Holidays! #BecauseMoment

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My day is GO from the time that my phone goes off, I mean I have an alarm on my phone, but it usually rings way before 7 am, I have colleagues on the East Coast that have me on my professional toes.

Nope, I'm not a Mom, not a home maker. But self care does matter to me and getting a massage is NOT a luxury, its a part of good health.

However, one thing that I can NOT forget is to take care of myself.  People seem to think that single women have it all. We are Free, Rich and have a LOT of TIME.  While parts of this are true...the TIME part...I can assure you from my perspective is most definitely not true.

So when it comes to taking care of myself I schedule it just like any other task. Because I have a lot of people who rely on me: Nieces, The Mom and the people that I serve at my company I cannot squander on the time that I give to myself.  It's not a luxury, its a requirement.

A few of my Single, Envied Girlfriends have asked me "Girl, how do you stay so cool during the holidays?  So since they were asking, I figured that you might want to know too!... Let me share my personal tactics:

1. Schedule Your P-Time!
P-time is "Personal Time."  This is time that I do not allow anybody else to horde in on.  Put "P-time" in your calendar like you would an appointment with your doctor (it's THAT important).

2. Make a Massage a Regular Activity!
I like to grab a massage with my girlfriends, Mom or solo. Massages allow you to turn your phone off and become ONE with your body. Those text messages and email will be there when you get back, so give yourself that much needed #BecauseMoment.

-Because it is Tuesday
-Because you are Fabulous
-Because you dropped the ball at work
-Because you didn't want to date that nice guy

We all have #BecauseMoments and they are all reasons to look in the mirror and remember how fierce you are and how much you need P-Time!
I suggest that we all roll up thru Massage Envy because of reasons! You can get 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions so that you can better for the world...and for yourself.

Some basic benefits of massage:

  • Relieve Stress
  • Relaxation
  • Helps Manage Pain
  • Relaxes Muscles
  • Lowers Blood Pressure

I don't skip on Yoga, Drinks with my Girls OR Massage Envy ... #BecauseMoments are Major!

Thinking of Making some P-Time and scoring a massage of your own?

Check out my Fave #BecauseMoment locations online so that getting some of your OWN P-Time will be easy!

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