10 Tips: Dating Etiquette Dress!

What are the Dating Etiquette DRESS Tips?

Greetings My Classies! It has been a LONG time since I have written an etiquette post and even longer since I have written an article on dating, but there have been so many requests! So ya girl is all about giving my Classies what we want!  So here goes some NEW dating etiquette tips!

Men and women want to put their best foot forward when dating. If he asked you out, then you want to make sure that you are bringing it in the pretty department!

People make immediate generalizations on your appearance-especially men. I am big on the fact that you design who you are that day by simply opening your closet and making some choices. Weather you are the Sexy School Teacher or the Noble Nun. So let's go over 10 Tips on how to fit right inbetween those different dynamics, especially when going on the first MONTH of dates. And if you want the dating to go beyond the first month.

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Here are The Dating Etiquette Dress Rules:

1. No cleavage at all! When men see cleavage, side boobs or any bare skin close to that, he is not going to be listening to you share about your job or your family. Cover those thangs up!...well if you want him to take you seriously.

2. Be mindful of your camel toe. You know what I mean. With the rise of streach pants some of us have lost our minds showing everything. If you MUST wear leggings of some sort, make sure that your shirt or sweater covers your rump and your front.

3. Keep your finger nails and toe nails polished. This is a diva rule, but when dating you always want to look especially neat, clean and well put together. Pretty nails make you look like you are mindful of your appearance and actually take the time to take care of yourself-this is sexy to a man. It may also make him feel special because you "spruced up" for the date. It's okay, you can tell him!

FYI: Don't You DARE go on that date in open toed shoes with raggedy or chipped toe nails, dignity please.

4. Keep your hair smelling good and moving. Men do like hair that moves and has a beautiful soft smell. Remember that.

5. Don't go crazy on the perfume. Let your scent be quality (nothing cheap or drugstore) and dap it on your pulse points. Do not bathe in your fragrance. He may be alergic to it and its simply gauche.

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6. Wear sexy shoes, but remember that its a date, so you may end up walking. Do not wear shoes that you may have to take off OR that will mess up the vibe of the date because your feet are killing you. That would be bad dating etiquette, and a little hood.

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7. Keep your make-up natural. You want to show your true beauty. And you don't want to be unrecognizable when you two go to the beach and all that you have on is SPF. The only people that care about slightly uneven skin are the paparazzi and bad intending girlfriends-I hope that you have neither of those.

8. Be careful of the image that you portray with the tightness of your clothes. I love tight clothes. I think that they are just too sexy! However, when I am dating somebody that I am still trying to get to know I want to portray what I want him to see, think and feel about me. If I want to look like a girlfriend then I would dress stylishly, a touch of vixen rounded off with ladylikeness! The vixen might be nice heels, but remember rule number 6.

The test is, what would your parents think if they saw you dressed in your date outfit? If your parents would think, "Look at our cute little girl all grown up!" That's perfect.

9. Make sure that you know where you are going!...on the date. I know that this seems silly, but there is nothing that can kill a first date at a ballgame or a romantic picnic in the park than being dressed for a night at the Opera. So just ask your new Beau, "What are our plans tonight, so that I can look as fly as possible!" You will get a good response! Remember to always dress on the upgrade. Dressing down is not an option!

10. Check your undies. Bra straps, thongs and girdles. None of them should be showing. If you guys run into one of his friends you want them to think, "Vincent's chick is so pretty and so lady like, I wish my girl would dress like that." If you don't look like that. Go BACK into your closet and re-dress honey!

Remember, these rules are only good for chicks who want to have a fun date, score a boyfriend and then a husband. If you are looking for a roll in the hay, bring out the girls, the slore-red lipstick and kiss him as soon as he walks in the door!

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